92% of marketers say social media is important to their business.

Your customers are posting, tagging, tweeting, and now adding live footage to their stories, but what are they saying about your business? Are they checking in? Are your hashtags trending? Do they even ‘like’ you? (*Hears crickets…) Come here, and let Palm give you a *HUG*. There’s more to social media than selfies and food pics. Social media can be an effective tool to build relationships and acquire business. It can be daunting, but we can turn your puzzled emoji into a super duper really happy face. :DD!! Palm will strategically leverage the tweets, grams, and posts to let you and your customers connect in new ways. #yes #growth #palm #wecanhelp #signmeup #now

Knowledgeable Guidance

Following statistics to guide you best on strategy, spend, and target audience.

Targeted Approach

Identifying, assessing, and reaching your preferred user in their preferred format.

Branded Graphics

Customized profile pics and posts to captivate your visually-fluent audience.

Engaging Content

Maximizing your channels with rich, informative, and personal content.

Organic Growth

Personalized guidance to help you increase followers and fans organically.

Reputation Management

Additional services available for consistent monitoring, recognition, and response

Nothing to lose. Everything to gain. We’re here to help.

You Ask. We Answer.

  • What social media platform should I use?

    Answer: One that makes sense for your business. You have our permission to stay in the shallow water here, focus on one channel, maybe two, and do those platforms well. Consider who your target audience is and what social media channel they’re using. Also consider your budget, your time, and the types of content you plan to share with others.
  • Do Facebook ads work?

    Answer: Advertising on Facebook has become a growing marketing method because it is cost effective and customizable. Facebook has a huge audience, so sheer numbers are on your side. But even still, Facebook advertising enables one to emphasize finding the right reach for your business. Palm Marketing can help you target users based on demographics, personal interests, purchasing behavior, life events, and tons of other criteria that makes sense for your goals. Yes – Facebook ads work. We’ve seen it be a successful tool for many clients.
  • I've heard it was cheap...

    Answer: And it is. Mostly. Unless you count your time! It’s free to ask for followers, market your products, and grow organically—but you will be doing so within that platform’s algorithms and within your own schedule. If you’re hoping for something quicker, paying to boost or place an ad or specifically target an audience, will be more effective. And that budget is entirely up to you. At some point, these factors come to a head and you can consider whether offloading any of these tasks makes sense.
  • What do I post about?

    Answer:Nothing’s off limits here…well, anything you’d share with your mom. The point of social media is to build a connection, a relationship with your followers. Yes, they want to see your latest product, the special you’re offering, and ways your business benefits them—and you should post all of those things. But they also want to see that you’re there for more than their money. Wear your heart on your sleeve a bit here: share your favorite quote, post a bit of tasteful industry humor, offer a free printable, or ask them a question.

It doesn’t have to end here.

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