The heart of everything we do at Palm

The creative design juices are constantly flowing in our office…and so are the lattes, to be honest. Regardless, our minds are keen on producing an impeccable design guaranteed to stop your customers in their tracks—Every. Single. Time. It’s time to raise up your coffee mug, and think original, think consistent, think AMAZING with Palm’s services. That’s your brand they’re seeing. That’s your company they’re reading about. That’s your business growing. Let’s say “Cheers!” to that!

Logo Design

Keeping your vision, brand, and purpose at the front of all our creativity.

Marketing Collateral

Designed to make an impact and get your message across

Trade Show Design

Items you need to stand out in the crowd and draw people to you

In Store Handouts

Tangible items to put in the hands of your customers


Connecting you with the best wearables and other branded items


Larger displays or hanging signs to showcase your products and services

Nothing to lose. Everything to gain. We’re here to help.

It doesn’t have to end here.

Let’s chat to see how our web and other design services will help you meet your goals.

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