72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within 5 miles.

That mysterious Internet search tool is furiously scanning billions of pages, and Search Marketing is the way to get yours found. But between you and me, we’re good at that type of work. Google even said so… Palm is certified by Google ads partner, which means we know the in’s and out’s of the World Wide Web. We can manage your SEO and generate an ROI that allows you to sit back and LOL with glee. Or in real people language: our super Internet powers will make sure your business is the one customers find first. We can hear them clicking now!

On-Page Optimization

Back-end code optimized with key search terms, links, & rich snippets on every page.

Analytics Monitoring

Tracking the pages, links, and content your users visit and interact with the most.

Ethical Practices

No keyword stuffing, false redirects, or otherwise unethical SEO practices.

How Does Your Site Measure Up?

    Nothing to lose. Everything to gain. We’re here to help.

    You Ask. We Answer.

    • How long does it take to rank for my keywords?

      Answer: Finding your spot in search engine rankings could take weeks and even months, with most results significantly improving around the six month mark. This timeframe is especially true for brand new sites. Once live on the Internet, Google must locate your site, crawl it for quality content, and index it appropriately. We do our part, but there is some dependency on Google in terms of time.
    • Do you guarantee high rankings?

      Answer: When it comes to SEO/Search Marketing, every site is at the mercy of Google and their ever-evolving ranking algorithm. So no, we can’t guarantee a #1 spot for any given site. However, we know what the Googlebot spiders value when they crawl and index sites to determine rank. With that in mind (and other tricks we have fine tuned over the years), we have the resources to make your site stand out to Google, thus impacting (and increasing) your search rank.
    • What will you do to my site?

      Answer: Every site needs to be addressed on a case-by-case basis, but there are some things across the board we know Google values. We check and optimize content, meta data, code, site speed, mobile optimization, back links and more.
    • What is the cost?

      Answer: When Palm Marketing creates a new website for our clients, we optimize the site for best SEO/Search Marketing factors. That process is included in the cost of the original website design package. Beyond that or for existing sites, we will work with each client to see whether a few tweaks at a one-time cost will be sufficient, or if implementing SEO measures as part of an ongoing marketing strategy makes the most sense.

    It doesn’t have to end here.

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