More positive reviews = Higher search rank

Think back to your high school days when what people thought about you drove your every move. Your reputation was paramount, and you did everything to protect it. It’s the same now with your own business. Online reputation management is something we know a lot about. Making you look good is what we’re good at!  We’re not asking you to prom, but we do have the tools to help you effortlessly increase positive ratings and reviews, which affects your search rankings, and ultimately, makes you shine like the five-star business you are. We can’t erase the memory of that bad haircut or poor outfit choice (you know the one), but moving ahead, we’ve totally got you covered. We’ll even sign your Yearbook if you want.

All Reviews in One Spot

An interactive dashboard to allow you to acknowledge and engage customers

Respond Easily

Respond to the positive reviews and address negative feedback efficiently.

Automatic Updates

Real time email or SMS alerts when a someone leaves a review.

Collect New Reviews

Easily send texts or email links to make reviewing your business a breeze.

Boost Your SEO

New reviews help increase your ability to get found in searches organically.

Support + Training

Additional support available as needed for managing your reviews and reputation.

Nothing to lose. Everything to gain. We’re here to help.

You Ask. We Answer.

  • How does this work?

    Answer: The first step is acquisition. Reviews are powerful for businesses and motivating for potential customers. Palm Marketing will set up a system that helps you easily capture reviews from your clients. Our platform automatically sends SMS or email review requests, allowing your customers to effortlessly leave their feedback on Google or on your Facebook page. Plus, you’ll have your own interactive dashboard to easily manage and reply to any (or all) of those reviews.
  • Do you have examples of success?

    Answer: Yes! Clients have come to Palm Marketing with either (1) no reviews at all, or (2) too many negative reviews to count. Both scenarios are not helping business. By utilizing our online reputation management, our clients now conveniently respond to negative feedback, extinguishing a spark of mistrust before an online frenzy starts. Those with no reviews at all are now making it very accessible for customers to leave a positive remark. Most of our clients on this program see an increase of 60% in reviews collected.
  • I'm afraid of bad reviews...

    Answer: If you haven’t been harnessing the power of reviews, then we understand your concern. Usually, the negative feedback gets posted, perhaps leaving you uncertain if reviews are something you want to see at all. We understand! In our experience, while customers are quick to leave negative feedback, but the majority are pleased — even highly satisfied csutomers! Your happy clients want to give you that 5-star rating you deserve. Let’s ask and make it easy for them to respond!
  • What's the long-term plan?

    Answer: Goals are always good to set, and our platform lets you set a review or specific star-rating goal and work toward it. But why even care? Because Google does. Reviews are valued in Google’s search ranking algorithms. The long-term plan is to collect reviews, maintain an active business status, and let Google do their magic to increase your SEO. And we are here for support all along the way.

It doesn’t have to end here.

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