For just pennies per household, we can saturate your entire market.

Digital Schmigital—Direct Mail Marketing still works. (Well, when it’s done right…) Palm will elevate your mailer from junk pile status to refrigerator magnet rank, right where it deserves to be. Mail is the #1 preferred way to get updates and response say 54% of consumers. You know that postcard you can’t throw away or that flyer you’ve kept for months? That should be your company! Let Palm change that. We know how to create an effective direct mail marketing campaign. We use the right vehicle to get your message seen. In fact 2/3 of the top 100 retailers in the USA use this same strategy. We’ll target the right people with an engaging design to get your message in their pocket and their money in yours.


Professional, branded, & artfully designed to maximize your first impression.


Our agency status yields us bulk mailing rates unobtainable on your own.

Targeted Audience

Reach specific groups based on location or other business-related criteria.

Review & Approve

Client approval checkpoints are key in our design, printing, and mailing process.

The Reality Factor

A tangible item your potential customers will actually hold, place, or use.

Amplifies Other Channels

Best utilized with other channels to build brand recognition and market dominance.

Nothing to lose. Everything to gain. We’re here to help.

You Ask. We Answer.

  • How is it mailed?

    Answer: We offer shared mail options like the national RetailMeNot package and also Solo Mail. In both cases your ads are delivered via USPS. Our agency status and volume ensures the best rates for this type of marketing.
  • What will my ad look like?

    Answer: Your ad will be branded to your business, contain high-quality photos, use the verbiage and offers you approve, and be designed in an appealing layout. We seek input and direction from the client on the ad’s content and map out reviews and approvals along the way. Due to printing timelines, we do work 3-4 weeks in advance of each printed piece.
  • What's the timeline to delivery?

    Answer: Due to the nature of this marketing strategy, Palm Marketing typically works 4 weeks in advance for direct mail. Before we begin, we schedule the preferred “In-Home” date for a piece. This can be a random date, or one that is strategically centered on pay day or a holiday promotion. With the date in mind, we work back from there to allow the time necessary for design, client approval, printing, and mailing.
  • Does Direct Mail even work?

    Answer: Absolutely YES! Direct mail brings with it something that emails or social media marketing cannot: the reality factor. It’s a tangible item, that can touched, tossed, or (hopefully) saved. Additionally, it triggers an emotional response — we can’t be the only ones that open mail with anticipation! Finally, direct mail shines the most when amplifying the performance of other marketing channels. Used as a part of a cohesive marketing strategy, direct mail will reap rewards in brand recognition and  market dominance.
  • How much does it cost?

    Answer: Honestly, cheaper than you think! Our agency status yields bulk rates you can’t get on your own. For as cheap as a few cents per thousand, you can successfully hit a market area with your mailed ad. We’ll work with you to target specific audiences based on household traits, location or any other criteria that makes sense for your business. Additionally, we’ll suggest and ad size and design that considers your budget, best practices and past successes we’ve seen.

It doesn’t have to end here.

Let’s chat to see if direct mail makes sense for your business.

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