The average person subscribes to 20-30 free newsletters from a variety of businesses.

Make sure yours is one they open. You’ve got a message to send, and Palm can help get that email opened, read, and even forwarded. Subject lines and newsletter designs are our forte, and when used as part of your overall marketing strategy, your company’s emails will begin to motivate your consumer to action. Trust us—we’ll send you out in style.


Formatted for mobile (as well as desktop) to easily read anywhere & anytime.

Branded Design

Thoughtful design keeps each email in line with your company’s overall brand.

Customer Retention

Builds loyalty and gives customers a reason to keep coming back again & again.

Organic Growth

Integrate opt-in forms seamlessly on your website for easy and organic growth.

Cohesive Marketing

Aligns with monthly sales, current ads, and other marketing for a cohesive strategy.

Automated Maintenance

Sign-ups, bounced emails, and opt-out’s are automatically updated & maintained.

Nothing to lose. Everything to gain. We’re here to help.

You Ask. We Answer.

  • Will people even read the emails?

    Answer: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Email is an effective form of customer retention and acquisition — if done properly…   There’s always a catch, isn’t there?! People will read emails if it is easy to read, engaging, designed well, and appeals to them on some level. Our emails are all of those things.
  • How many emails do you send?

    Answer: Palm Marketing will streamline the process to make emails a seamless part of your overall marketing campaign. Most customers opt for sending emails twice a month, but that can be tailored based on your objectives. As always, we’ll align with your current promotions, branding, and content
  • How do I get emails from my customers?

    Answer: You may have some client’s emails already, but if not, most people are willing to give their email in return for an incentive or information. It may require a brief culture change around the office, but if you simply ask at each purchase, or make it easy to opt in (sign up kiosk/ipad at your store) most customers readily fork over the info. Additionally, we have seen lots of success in growing an email list by simply adding the sign up form field option to our client’s websites.

It doesn’t have to end here.

Let’s chat to see how your business could grow with email marketing.

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