For this client, Palm was able to help strategically align with the client to generate more business by enabling and gaining more quality employees.

It started with a complete branding of the company. Palm created the logo, typography, colors, powerpoint, letterhead, email footers, and more; any business item an employee would need to be successful with the company. Palm worked closely with the client to fine tune the details. In the end, our team created an entire website just for employees to reference branding guidelines, download assets, and more. This has served as a useful tool company wide.

Additionally, a second website was launched for potential employment candidates. This site showcases the companies’ values, perks for being employed, company facts, etc. All the information that a potential employee would want to know along with a call to action.

The client realized the need for getting quality information and assets to his employees/candidates. Palm is proud to have been a part of making that happen and is grateful for how our work led to a long-running marketing partnership with the client.