RC Mowers

Updated April 4, 2019:

Award Winning!

It’s a huge honor to announce that Palm Small Business Marketing has received a 2018 Gold Horizon Interactive Award for the design and responsiveness of this website. The Horizon Interactive Awards is a leading international interactive media awards competition. Palm was recognized as a GOLD award recipient in the Web: Responsive/Mobile Design category. This competition saw more than 800 entries from around the world, including 37 out of 50 US States and 20 other countries.

Because of the ongoing and supportive communication Palm was able to maintain with the client, Palm was able to create a product that breaks the mold in the client’s industry and sets high standards in ours. Thank you RC Mowers! View the recognition on the award site here.

Project Details:

This completely custom site showcases the depth of what the Palm Marketing team can do in web design and development. Creative Director Lauren Maddox worked closely with the client and other Palm team members to design a completely custom website with several innovative, high-tech features.

RC Mowers is in a niche market, setting high industry standards when it comes to remote-control slope mowing solutions. Their goal was to educate their customers, evaluate needs, offer full solutions while building their brand. Additionally, the site provides users a chance to experience a piece of industrial mowing equipment currently not widely available in stores.

Select a Mower Tool: To guide customers in selecting a product, a customized “Select a Mower” tool was created.  This feature takes user input based on a few simple questions to generate the best matched RC Mowers product or products for their consideration. This tool was built just for this site, providing an effective, digital means to “shop” and explore more personalized solutions based on the user’s specifics needs. It has proved to be an invaluable tool, guiding the user to hone in on products elements necessary for their particular need.

360-Degree View: The client was able to offer professional detailed pictures of the each mower, both staged and in action, which gives the consumer a glimpse of the product. However, it was important to the client to fully showcase the mower beyond flat images. Palm provided an interactive, 360-degree product viewer, which seems to bring the product to life. Users can engage more fully with the product online and see each mower from different perspectives.

Hot Spot Buttons: With the remote being a key aspect of this product line, showcasing the remote’s features and usability was an important component as well. Featured photography with carefully placed hot spot buttons showcase the many safety and operational features that are proprietary to this particular brand.

Device Accessibility: A driving force behind any website is the need for mobile responsiveness, and in this case, Palm delivered. The development team ensured that each aspect of the site was fully responsive, including both the Select a Mower tool and 360-degree viewer, on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Design and Branding:

Palm worked with RC Mowers from the beginning, assisting with company’s logo design, branding, product line stickers, information (spec) sheets, and other marketing materials and guidance as needed.

When designing the website, branding reinforcement and recognition was considered. The subtle angles sitewide mirror the slope capability of the company’s mowers. The pops of red (based off the actual color of paint used in manufacturing) in the design and on the downloadable spec sheets help subconsciously reinforce the brand. The custom auto-reply email sets the tone for the type of service and attention customers can expect. Finally, the content throughout the side supports the company’s initiative of safety, education, and high standards.