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Increase revenue through an optimized email marketing strategy.

How many emails are sitting in your client’s inbox? Answer: Way too many. Make sure yours is one they open. You’ve got a message to send, and Palm can help get that email opened, read, and even forwarded. Subject lines and newsletter designs are our forte, and when used as part of your overall marketing strategy, your company’s emails will begin to motivate your consumer to action. Trust us—we’ll send you out in style.

Below is a list of the data we analyze to ensure your email marketing campaigns are getting optimal results:

Audience Research:
It is important to know your email recipients in order to cater to their culture, and expectations, so we research this thoroughly.

Data Collection:
We collect only relevant information about your customers from your email signup form and gather the information that we will use to segment your email campaigns. We know that asking for too much information can decrease your rate of email signups, so we steer away from doing so.

Analyze Goals & Objectives:
We know that most customers only spend a few seconds when viewing an email. We design every email with a single focus to grab your recipients’ attention and direct them toward your desired action.

Through careful placement of strong calls to action and supporting images, we are able to optimize your email campaign’s effectiveness.

We send relevant messages to recipients who look forward to them through use of segmentation, analytics, and past user activity.

Synch with Search and Social Media:
We use email marketing correctly so that it plays a role in both search and social media marketing. Our effective method of email marketing includes social sharing buttons and website links within the emails. This helps increase the reach of your email, while simultaneously driving more traffic to your company’s social media pages.

Mobile Optimization:
The percentage of users who now open their emails on mobile devices is rapidly growing. We take mobile users into account so that you do not lose a large percentage of your traffic.

Timing and frequency are crucial metrics to consider when creating a well-crafted email marketing campaign. In order to make sure that the highest possible percentage of your subscribers open and click through your email campaign, we find the optimal time and frequency to reach out to your customers and get actionable results.

In order to make sure your email marketing campaigns are getting you the best possible ROI (Return on Investment), extensive tracking and measurement of results is required. We ensure that statistics like “open rate”, “click-through-rate”, “hard and soft bounces” and “emails sent” are all tracked and measured so that your campaign is data driven, and has a high rate of success.

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